Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pre-Loved by Hello Sandwich Art Packs

Recently I have been spring cleaning my study and finding some special pre-loved treasures to share with you. And this Saturday I will be selling my Pre-Loved Art Packs at the COFA (College of Fine Arts) Spring Fair.

Oh my goodness there are so many packs on my living room floor at the moment!

Origami Packs (One left :))
Sketch Pads Packs
Coloured Board Packs
Oil Paint Packs
Paintbrush Packs
Pastel Packs
Spray Paint Packs
Printmakers Packs
Muji Pack (just one of these with super cute grid paper and Japanese high school style texta pack)
Oil Pastel Packs
Texta Packs
Canvas Stretcher Packs
Canvas Packs
Gift Wrapping Packs
Japanese Masking Tape Packs (*SOLD OUT sorry!)
Wallpaper Packs

All pre-loved by Hello Sandwich.

If you are in the neighbourhood please pop in and say Hi!

Love Love
Hello Sandwich

P.S. Special thanks to my favourite bloggers for the reuse of your pretty images on my labels!


  1. this is such a wonderful idea. much better than tossing everything in the trash.

  2. These are beautiful, Ebony. And what a great idea. I have my eye on the Japanese masking tape pack!
    Lee Tran

  3. this is such a good idea! sadly i live in new zealand so i miss out :( haha.

  4. what a wonderful, wonderful idea!!! i hope it goes very well:)

  5. Great idea Ebo-chan!
    x Elo

  6. awesome idea! lots of lovely pre-loved treasures...pity Im not in your hood : ) have fun at the fair x

  7. These look AWESOME!!! Wish I could be there to check them out, and score myself a pack!

  8. ooh no WAY!
    I have a stall there too!!
    I also blogged about the details.
    SO I will be sure to check you out and come say hi!!!!!!!

    (long time reader, haha and I had no idea you were from Sydney) hehe

  9. Ebony you are brilliant!
    xx becky bean

  10. Hi K.I.D. Collective, thank you for your lovely feedback!

    Hi Cath from chunkycooky! I have just started on online shop so if you are interested in something, just leave a comment or email me on and I will post something to you! :)

    Hello Lee Tran! You are gorgeous! Ahhh the ever popular Japanese masking tape!

    Setyourselfonfire, thank you so much for your lovely comment! :( I started an online shop for Australia only at the moment but hope to ship Internationally soon! xxx

    ii-ne-kore! Thank you so much sweet girl! Me too!

    Hi Elo! Thanks Elo-chan!

    Handmade Romance, thank you for your sweet feedback!

    Dawn Tan you lovely little thing! :) If there is anything you are in need of for your lovely art could you please let me know...pencils? coloured paper/board etc? I would like to send to you!

    Hi Art for Friends! What great news. I look forward to meeting you there!

    Hi Chi Designs! Thanks SO much! (>_<) xxx

    Becky Bean! YOU are brilliant! Thanks for commenting sweetness!

    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  11. I adore this idea!
    You are awesome :)

  12. oh what a great idea, I need to make a whole bunch of preloved fabric packs. Ive got huge amounts of vintage fabric just sitting unused.

    ps. I collect postcards too, hehe my little secret.

  13. what a good idea!!!im sad im missed most of it!!!i wd have loved to own pre loved drawing and pre sketche pack!argh!!!!!
    taLk soON

  14. Ok great !!! one more question! is it in AUstralian doLLars or us dollars in your shop???
    merci merci
    gini ! )

  15. Such a great idea!
    I have a Giveaway running this weekend...don"t forget to pass by!

  16. it's really a nice idea!! and the shop is looking very good! congrats! and good luck!

  17. These are cool, what a fun idea!

  18. i was lucky enough to buy the art postcard, vintage postcard and origami packs. They have warmed my heart :) see my blogpost: