Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hello Sandwich Garage Sale

Yes, you heard right. The spring cleaning over at Hello Sandwich Headquarters has been continuing and now it's time for the Hello Sandwich Garage Sale!

The Hello Sandwich Garage Sale will be appearing as a Pop-Up shop on Parramatta road in Annandale. And it's THIS SATURDAY! I hope you can come along!

I will be selling more of the pre-loved packs (this time including some lovely little fabric and craft packs including sweet little buttons and trims), art books, design books, Japanese magazines, fashion magazines, interiors magazines, accessories, clothes, shoes, handbags, homewares, pretty rolls of wallpaper, knick-knacks, art supplies including a sweet travel easel, linen, TVs, and lots of the usual garage sale stuff!

Do come along and say hello and snap up a Pre-loved by Hello Sandwich bargain!

P.S. Special thanks to lovely Kat McLeod from the wonderful Ortolan for the re-use of your pretty drawings on the swing tags. If you are Melbourne be sure to check out Kats solo show.

Well, best be off now, still a few more Hello Sandwich cupboards to sort through!

Love Love
Hello Sandwich


  1. gosh i wish i was close to your garage.. have fun!
    peace & love.

  2. OMG!!!!! How do I book a flight and get to Sydney in the next 24hrs!!!!

    I wish I could come to your pop up garage sale, sounds great!!

    I've been madly spring cleaning too, it's crazy how spring makes you want to sort through cupboards and renew your space.

    Take lots of photos!!


  3. ooh would definitely come along if I was in Sydney!

  4. it sounds like so much fun!!!
    like everyone else says i wish i were in sydney!

  5. Oh it's things like this that make me still wish I lived in Sydney, only this.

  6. You are so cute! I hope I can make it xx

  7. fun! the most stylish garage sale on the block!! i hop it's a great day:)

  8. Oh, I really wish I could come!!

  9. Aww that sound like so much fun! Have a great garage sale!

  10. argh!!!!!! i want to be there! fly me on a carpet please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ok here is an idea may be you could seLL all the left overs on your bigcarteL shop?????? ! )
    i hope so!
    xxx have a good one

  11. aww so cute your flyers!
    have a great sale!! :-)

  12. Hi Rachel is a dreamer - oh I wish you could have come too (>_<). Peace and Love to you too and I hope you had a nice weekend.

    Angela you gorgeous thing! Thank you so so much for putting Hello Sandwich Garage Sale on your amazing blog! You are so special! Yes Spring Cleaning is the way to go! xxx P.S. The pics are up - haha it was soooo messy though!

    Hi Polka Dot Rabbit - I wish you could have come too! Thank you for your lovely comment!

    Hiki-chan! Hello! Ha ha I wish you were here too!

    Hi Bec, naawww that's sweet of you to say!

    Mads - no YOU are the cute one! Hey how can I buy a copy of your zine?! I want to make post cards with you too! They looked so cute on the lovely Amy's blog! xxx Miss you lets catch up soon!

    Ii-ne-kore haha yes well seeing as there were no other garage sales it probably was the most stylist garage sale on the block haha. It was exhausting but really fun to be with my cute friend Gracie too! xxx

    Hi Maca - me too! Hope you had a gorgeous weekend anyway!

    Hi Fiona - thank you so much! It was indeed lots of fun!

    Ha ha Gini you are so cute! That would have been so cute if you arrived on a flying carpet! Imagine~! Yes the pre-loved fabric packs and some gorgeous vintage pieces will be up on my online shop this week! Pleas stay tuned lovely! Hope you had a gorgeous weekend!

    Make it Easy-san! ha ha! Well I took most of the imagery from Japanese magazines so not hard to make it cute hehe! Hope you had a gorgeous weekend!

    Thank you so much to all who came to the Hello Sandwich Garage Sale and made it so much fun!

    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich xxx