Monday, January 4, 2010

Mina Perhonen and So-en Magazine

Mina Perhonen.

Completely. In. Love.

And that's why we should all buy a copy of the latest So-En Japanese magazine from Hiki-san's online store. It's all about textiles with a feature on Mina Perhonen's new spring summer collection. And did I mention Tsumori Chisato is in there too. It's a bit too much excitement for me!


  1. They're wonderful, aren't they? That pantone texta print is one of my faves. Have you seen their collection of little print books?


  2. I love that 1st photo and that skirt print. They are so happy

  3. oh how wonderful to be included in lovely hello sando!! arigato you are so sweet :)
    you know your copy of this issue has been held, just waiting for you to get here!

    have you been to the mina perhonen shop in tokyo? if not, you HAVE TO go!

  4. printsprintsprints<3 ahh, they are far too wonderful.

  5. too tempting! thanks for the tip off.
    love the second image - who am i kidding - love it all ; ) x

  6. mina perhonen is too pretty and expensive it hurts! having said that, though, i have quite a few items from them.

    by the way, thank you so much for mentioning my blog on here. it seems like all of a sudden i have a whole new set of new people coming in to check it out thanks to you. :-)

  7. So making me rethink not renewing the Selvedge subscription.

  8. ooh, i am so in love with the crayon pattern in the first picture. i have had it saved in my inspiration folder for a while and keep checking on it from time to time, and every time it is even more lovelier. sigh.