Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Muji + Lego

Muji and Lego.
Sitting in a tree.
K. I. Double S. I. N. G.
And what a lovely collaboration it is!
Can't wait to buy some next month in Tokyo!

See more at Designboom and at Muji.


  1. While you are there, could you please tell Mr Muji (muji-san?) to open a store in Australia without delay.

  2. Whaou!I love it!!!
    happy new year ;)

  3. I LOVE this! It makes me want to play with Lego all over again.

  4. how clever. these are crazy cute!

  5. hmm these are interesting. i want some in the US!

  6. how cute. My newphew would love that!

  7. i posted about it too just before this came out, but i still haven't been able to find them at any muji sotre around! maybe you should try the mega stores either in yurakucho (ginza) or the new ikebukuro store!

  8. Oh my god is that mini lego? Ebo can you get me some? I must play.


  9. My son loves both Muji and Lego, this is next Christmas's stocking filler for sure.

  10. oh fantastic collaboration! very un-lego-like

  11. Hello Allison! Yes I will indeed tell Muji-san to please move to Australia pronto! xxx

    Hello Lili Scratchy, Happy new year to you too! xxx

    Elisabeth dear, you would make the cutest things from this I am certain! xxx

    Thea, yes lego is not just for kids!

    Eric I am not sure what islate is but lego and muji collaboration is a lot of fun!

    Miss Buckle, hello, thank you for your lovely comment!

    Hello Katrina - so cute aren't they! xxx

    Hi Adrian, I know they look great don't they!

    Hello Mi Vida Bonita, I think you need some! for you AND your nephew!

    Hiki-san! Oh yes it's been doing the blog rounds hasn't it! Yes I need to try the mega stores! We should go together! I can't wait to see you!

    Elo-chan!!!!!! Yes mini kawaii muji lego desu! Yes I will get us some if I find it! eeeep!

    Smudgetikka, I am so happy you like it!

    Mette! You need some for your gorgeous little mini-me! Mette - I really want your pretty name! I keep telling Mr Y I want to change my name to Mette! xxx

    Love Love
    Hello Sando

  12. Hi! I got your wrapping zine - it's lovely! Thank you.

    We bought some of the hole punches at the Yurakucho Muji (early December). They had displays up at Atelier Muji and a couple of launch workshops for the kids (adults had to watch from the wings - boo). There weren't any punches in stock, but we were able to order some - it took about a week for them to arrive. Good luck! /Sam