Thursday, June 3, 2010

Zine Love


Thank you everyone for your interest in the Hello Sandwich Tokyo Zine and for buying so many guides from Hello Sandwich Shop! The interest has been overwhelming! Thank you also to the lovelies who wrote the below Tokyo Guide reviews!

Kitsune Noir

Inside Out Magazine

Upon a fold

The unbearable lightness of being hungry

It's like she's on a secret mission


Blood like milk

Coelho Culture


El Blog de Lpuita

Casual Days

My Life as a Magazine

I have had some interest from quite a few stockists so I will be getting a re-print of the hard copy Hello Sandwich Tokyo Zine due for release later this month! weeee! So if you missed out at the MCA zine fair, you will be able to get a hard copy soon!

Love Love
Hello Sandwich


  1. woohoo! you've got a review on kitsune noir! one of the coolest blogs!!! congrats xox

  2. oooo so exciting, that is amazing, it's so beautifully designed with such cool info, love mine!

    thx for the mention


  3. wow cool! Hope to get a copy of your re-print. Do you ship worldwide? How much does a copy of Hello Sandwich Tokyo Zine cost and the shipment cost?

  4. Hello Melanie dear! Thanks so much~!

    Graphiksnuf! Hello~! ありがとう!

    Coelho! Shucks that's sweet of you! I am so happy you could enjoy it!

    Anonymous Hello there. I do indeed ship worldwide. The re-print hard copies will cost $18AUD a pop.

    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  5. Hi Hello Sandwich,

    Am getting excited! :D How do we go about ordering the hardcopies? How much will the shipping cost be, to ship 2 copies of your Hello Sandwich Tokyo Zine to Singapore?