Monday, March 21, 2011

Earthquake Map


Watch this Japan Earthquake map which gives a terrifying visual of the quakes as they happened. It's no wonder Tokyo also shook so much. The big one hit at 2:46 but watch also what happened afterwards. Apparently the aftershocks will continue for up to two months. Please stay safe everyone.

While the radiation is also a big concern, the people in Sendai really need our help right now. Please donate to the survivors.

My Hello Sandwich Gift Wrapping Zine PDF for $5 all proceeds to Japan. Donate here.

Pay for Japan lists many things you can buy to help Japan.

Poppytalk has some ideas on where to support.

My friend Eloise's postcards all proceeds to Japan. Donate here.

Second Harvest is also a good place to donate to. Or if you are in Tokyo, please volunteer.

Thank you to everyone who has donated already especially those who bought the zine. Together we have raised $1400 so far for Japan.

Love Sandwich


  1. It truely is amazing and terriying at the same time when you see it like that. Let's continue to support Japan and pray for a speedy recovery.

  2. Thanks so much for all this :3
    From Spain we have also created a site to donate / auction original illustrations from artists to send money to JPN Red Cross. Maybe you find someone interested ^ ^

    Love, Mochi

  3. It is so horrific what has happened and what these poor people are facing right now. I feel so helpless but anything I can do, however small, I will do.

  4. Oh my...that is truly scarey :(
    Really hope things calm down soon.

  5. thanks so much!

    i've gotten myself a hello sandwich-zine. if that's ok, i'll repost your gift wrapping zine fundraising on my blog.


  6. you're doing a great job, thank you!

  7. It's freighting to see the frequency and the level of all those earthquakes! It's giving me flashbacks of when it all happened!! (>.<)

    ....I also can't believe it's going to go on for up to 2 months!!


    ジーン (Jean)

  8. thinking and praying for you and everyone in japan ebony--every day!

  9. Fantastic great that your zine has raised so much. We donated a shelterbox, to give families somewhere to live.

  10. Hello.

    have been twice to Japan. Hope to go again.

    Will go to concerts to Japan here. Will give to the swiss red cross.
    And send to Marie Claude Family, directly.

    You can go on my *japan's blog and the other, * bricolage*.

    Big keesses to Japan.