Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hello Kitty stamps!

 photo IMG_4802_zps7bd850a6.jpg

 photo IMG_4805_zps1c889f4e.jpg

 photo IMG_4807_zps8cbdbea4.jpg

 photo IMG_4809_zps1a2216cd.jpg

Yet another reason why I love living in Japan. Japan post always brings out incredibly cute stamps, but these Sanrio characters featuring Hello Kitty stamps really do take the cake.

P.S. I can't wait until these 'Vegetable and Fruit' stamps are released!  And I love the lilac side stripes on these ones!

Love you Japan.



  1. Oh my goodness- I love these! I went to Japan on my honeymoon and I loved how playful the Japanese make boring tasks (like buying stamps!). Thanks for sharing these. Michelle (paperfolk.blogspot.co.uk)

  2. eeekkkk....
    too cute....
    I have been sparingly using my Pixar stamps....I hope the u.s. issues new cute ones when those are no longer available..

  3. Oh I love stamps so much, these are so so cute! We don't get any that cute in the UK, though one year I remember some with vegetables that came with silly features to stick on (like mr potato head)!

  4. OMG would you ever send a little package of cute Japanese stationery to a friend in the US? I would pay you of course!!!

  5. Ah I love the old school design hello kitty!! Japan you rock my World :) I think the stamps in Australia at the moment, have native wildlife which although nice, can't compete against Hello Kitty!

  6. Oh i want all of this stamps <3

    Japan rocks!

  7. Hi, I bought your book yesterday and I love it. I wrote about it in my blog. ;-)
    Greetings from Switzerland

  8. oooo.. i wish these were out when i was in tokyo.
    i love this version of Hello Kitty and i collect stamps.

  9. Just discovered your blog, fantastic! Gonna settle in with a cuppa and read the entirety! We're saving to go back to Tokyo next year so a bit gutted miss out on the guide but the blog is acicles! :)

  10. Loving the stamps. They are uber old school. Reminds me of the Hello Kitty and friends from when I was a kid and my grandma would bring me to the store to get my dose of glittery Hello Kitty stickers or little mini sticker booklets {which btw, I still have} :)

  11. LOVE the stamps<3 I actually just got 5 of those yesterday when my Japanese friend sent me masking tape and 2 postcards in an envelope<3 LOVE those stamps and I really wish I could collect all of those! :D

  12. Goodness gracious! I love these!!! Going to try and get my stamp collecting paws on these babies! And those fruit stamps are cute too. x