Monday, July 8, 2013

Hiratsuka Tanabata and Enoshima 2013

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We headed out to the Hiratsuka Tanabata festival today in Tokyo's 35 degree heat and crazy humidity.

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It's a long train trip from Shibuya, and it was crazy hot, so we headed straight for the ¥300 beers upon arrival.

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Summer 西瓜.

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So many gorgeous Tanabata decorations. Do you remember my earlier Tanabata posts here , here and here?

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These wooden poles were bending under the weight.

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This little kid wished that they could work at Mister Donut! So adorable.

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かき氷 (Shaved Ice). A summertime favourite.

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Colourful okonomiyaki.

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Miso cucumber. Yum.

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More beers. We drank these ones while wiping sweat from our faces with face washers. Ugh so hot.

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Hiratsuka station was madness.

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So we took the train to Enoshima.

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And headed over to Enoshima Island.

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"It looks like a shark egg".

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We headed to a restaurant overlooking the beach for dinner. "Is this the first time you've been in an elevator without shoes" said Mr Y.

 photo Sunset_zps0eafc4e1.jpg

And spotted a beautiful sunset from our table.

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Pre-dinner olives.

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After dinner, and while the sun was setting, we took a walk down my favourite laneway to find this lovely sight.

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And then it was time to head back to Tokyo.

Thank you Mr Y and Luke for a lovely Sunday.

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  1. these colours!! Thank you for sharing this! :)

  2. Looks like you had lots of fun:)

  3. How great! It looks like a very beautiful and inspiring day! I hope to see such sceneries one day too!
    By the way, I finally got your book in German! How lovely!

  4. How good are pre-dinner olives!?
    Everything about these photos (even the heat) makes me want to be in Japan.

  5. How good are pre-dinner olives!?
    Everything about these photos (even the heat) makes me want to be in Japan.

  6. Your photography is stunning!!さすが、エボニさん!

    Word to Japan heat, man that's tough stuff, むすむすだよね

  7. I remember riding on my dad's shoulders at the festival as a little child. I miss Japan so much... and mister Donut!

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of Tanabata.

  8. That looks amazing! I wish I could teleport myself there.

  9. Thank you for sharing your beautiful day!! All that paper, and those garlands (swoon)!!!

  10. ahh I love summer in Japan!! Full of happiness and promise :)

  11. love all of those colours too! looks like fun too, beer is always good on a hot one! We are finally having summer here too! 28°c... it's too hot to hang outside.

  12. i am dying to go! i am in awe at all the colour!

  13. Oh my gosh! You just made me miss Japan so very much. The tanabata festival (in Yamaguchi) was my absolute fave, though yours is far more colourful!

  14. Oh my goodness! These colours, touch my abstract-expresionim heart!

    Thank you a lot for this beautiful documentary!

    From the aesthetic blue Caribbean

  15. i love your photos! looks like a fun. not sure about the humid heat though! thank god for the beers : )

  16. what a beautiful and colour celebration!

  17. lovely. wanna go to japan now.

    christian | my blog :
    greetings from hong kong

  18. Your Tanabata pics are always amazing to look at. I like the train station pic!

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  20. The decorations are so joyful and colorful, it looks like a fun weekend!

  21. Your photographs are so lovely! x

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