Thursday, February 13, 2014


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Hello Sandwiches!

I'm still in Kyoto. I'm documenting my days over at my instagram (Hellosandwich) and also taking lots of pics with my Canon to share with you when I get back to Tokyo. In the time being, here are a few shots from my instagram.

Kyoto is such a lovely little place to visit. Perhaps a little Hello Sandwich Kyoto Guide should happen...

Love Love
Hello Sandwich



  1. So beautiful. The pathway lined with orange columns looks so much like the scene from Memoirs of a Geisha, where the little girl was running...

  2. Lovely! I'm thinking a Sapporo Sandwich Guide should happen! Sarah

  3. this is an amazing group of photos - so lovely!
    thanks for sharing

  4. there's such a warm but mystic atmopshere in this photos..but it seems very nice. looking forward to new photos.
    Have a nice time ._.

  5. I would love to visit that Bamboo Forest. Very impressive!

  6. looks inspiring Eb, love the bamboo...

  7. All your photos look amazing uwu, am hoping to go there this year and attend the autumn lightups!!