Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snow in Shimokitazawa!

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When I got back from Kyoto there was even more snow in Tokyo! Apparently it was the heaviest snowfall Tokyo has seen in 45 years!

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Mr Y's bike and Luke's bike outside my apartment.

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And then the next morning! Oops - sorry about the water drops on my lens, it's not easy walking in snow, juggling an umbrella in the wind and rain, and trying to take photos.

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My balcony! Good excuse not to do the laundry.

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The little park opposite my apartment looked so pretty covered in marshmallow snow.

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I always love watching this tree from my desk window as the seasons change. Seeing this cherry blossom tree like this, it's hard imagine it in full bloom, or colourful in Autumn.

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All of the little back streets around my apartment were covered in white.

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Gah, why didn't I wipe my lens more often!

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It's not often my local supermarket Ozeki looks like this.

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Lots of shop staff making snowmen.

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Poor thing lost it's mouth and eyes.

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I think I was about the only person in Shimokita who wasn't helping shovel the snow to the sides of the roads. I did ask my landlady if she had another shovel, but she insisted she was fine.

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I really really appreciate the people who took the time to shovel out paths for walking!

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Do you recognise this shot? It's the cover of my Tokyo Guide Zine. Looks a little different, right?

Right now, sitting here from my desk, the sun is shining over the snow capped roofs of Kitazawa. I can't tell you how pretty it looks. The snow is the whitest white I've ever seen. I feel so lucky I got to see this snow!

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  1. just magic! i'd love to see shimokita covered in snow with my eyes (and my lens!) ♥

    1. Oh yes! Please come next February and hopefully it will snow again so you can enjoy taking nice pictures!

  2. Sounds incredible!

  3. i feel like there's a hint of some VSCO filters in these photos hehe ;) did you like the app?
    and お疲れさま on your kyoto exhibition!

    1. (笑)You got me! Can't imagine life without it!
      Thank you! See you soon lovely xoxo

  4. Oh my goodness- I'm arriving next week- so I may need to pack my wellies!

    1. I don't think there will be any snow next week so you should be safe :)

    2. Thanks Ebony- as long as I escape the storms in the UK I'll be happy! Cannot wait to be back in the best city on earth :)

  5. i love your photos!! you have a special view on things, keep it!

  6. Thanks for the walk through this lovely town!

  7. I love all the photos you took! The freshly fallen snow was such a nice experience coming from California. Shimokitazawa looks lovely covered in snow.