Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Daizawa Nature Walk Sakura, 2014

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Sorry folks, it's sakura spam season once again!

Breathtakingly beautiful! I wish you could all be here to see it and picnic on handmade leisure sheets under the cherry blossom trees.

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  1. Please don't apologise, more! Show more!! I'm a little jealous since last year I was there and it rained the entire time (though I had one perfect sunny day in Kyoto - I wouldn't trade it for anything!) I love how the Japanese people embrace it every year, it never gets old!

  2. Very beautiful! I love cherry blossom in Spring!

  3. DO NOT be sorry!! yes, i am jealous (ahem!), but sooooo pleased to this beautiful vision through you- thank you thank you! arigatogozaimasu! i cannot wait for more- it's my favourite season on instagram too :) @little_nicki_

  4. Thank you!

  5. I love how the people just have a picnic, especially the older couple that look like they brought their own little table and stools! I'm going to start going on more picnics!
    thanks for sharing all those pictures it looks like snow!

  6. I was just in Japan (left on March 31) and left just as the sakura were starting to come into full bloom. Missed out on all the hanami fun, but will live vicariously through your pictures! Thanks!

  7. Would you mind sharing the filter you're using for these photos? or correct me if i'm wrong if you are not using phone for these at all! Thank you =]

  8. So pretty photos. I like a lot.

  9. Hello Ebony,

    Happy 2015. I am traveling to Tokyo this April specially to experience the Sakura season. May I know the exact trail for this Daizawa Nature Walk? It looks to lovely to miss it.

    Thank you in advance :)