Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nakameguro Sakura, 2014

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Sorry Sandwiches! More Sakura Spam!

These ones are from Nakameguro today.

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Sakura petal covered drinks from these cuties.

 photo IMG_4068_zpsc96b8ce8.jpg

Hot rum chai!

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Sakura Odango!

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Sakura and Sakura Snow over the Nakameguro river.

Love you Japan!



  1. Oh, bummer! I missed it! I'm coming to TOkyo next week, I bet the sakura's gone by then :(
    Do you happen to have any classes or anything "public" next week or the week after that?

  2. never too much cherry blossom. i stood under just the one recently and felt positively revived. your overload suits me! n♥

  3. Ohh, I miss sakura sooo much *-*
    The pictures are very beautiful.

  4. How pretty!!! I wish I was there! Sometime by next year, I hope to have visit Japan and experience the wonderful culture and surroundings. All your pictures are truly inspiring.

  5. Don't say sorry I love to see it :) I wish I could see it for myself! Nikki xx

  6. Love all the cherry blossom! There can never be enough pictures of them.

  7. O_O beautiful!!!!! I'm planing to go to japan for autumn and I would like also to spend some days in rural Japan, any suggestions? thank you and congrats for your beautiful blog!

  8. I just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it!

  9. Love your blog! It always brightens my day. I can't help but ask - where did you get your black and gold loafers??

  10. I also lived in Tokyo a few years ago and OH-MY-GOD-THIS-IS-SO-BEAUTIFUL-AND-I -MISS-IT-SO-VERY-MUCH! Thank you for posting and enjoy sakura!