Friday, January 8, 2010

Hello Sandwich Tokyo Guide in Megan Morton's New Book 'Home Love'

We all know and love the clever Miss Megan Morton but did you know she has just received advanced copies of her gorgeous new book 'Home Love' (on sale later this year). Oh yes, it's very exciting indeed!

Tucked into the back of the book is a little 'Interiors Shopping Guide' and guess who got to share a few of her favourite Tokyo Shops? Hello Sandwich did! eeeep! Thank you Megan! And congratulations on your book - it's so gorgeous! And I LOVE your own handwriting font!


  1. That's awesome, well done!!! I'll def be using your Tokyo-savvy tips when I finally get there.
    And how sweet is Megan?

  2. Hello Lee Tran Lam! Oh you have to go to Tokyo soon! And visit little Gracie! Megan is the best! xxx

    Lightning Heart! Hello sweetheart! xxx

  3. exciting!!! this sneak peak looks fantastic. thanks for sharing.

  4. how wonderful!!!!!! that's so great!

  5. i got your gift in the mail!!!!
    hontou domo arigatou ebonychan!!!
    i love them! i hung them on my tree in my living room. youre so great! i will send you something back in the near future <3

  6. oh this is so exciting ebony chan!
    i'm also VERY excited about meeting you in tokyo :)

  7. Handmade romance! Hello love! Thanks so much! xxx

    Bree-san! Hello! How are you? あけまして おめでとう ございます!

    Make it easy-san! Hello Sando! How are you? how was your holiday? Looked so lovely! my pleasure - I am so happy you like them! xxx

    Hiki-san! Oh thank you so much for your help with this too! You are amazing! And I can't WAIT to meet you in Tokyo too! eeeep! When shall we meet? xxx

  8. On first pay cheque, i'll be sure to have a look at your suggestions EB. Tokyo is your second home...I hope one day it will be your first....

    congrats love!

  9. silly me,
    i forgot to congratulate you on being featured in this pretty book!!!! thats so awesome!!!
    i cant believe youre going to tokyo to meet hikisan! SUGOI!!!!!!!!!

  10. ohhh such a beautiful book! and congratulations on your tokyo guide!

  11. Gracie! You little cutie pie! Can't wait to see you in Tokyo in next month! eeeep! Two teams must compete... stop pushing me out of the shinkansen...hey who filled in the gap? xxx

    Make it Easy-san! You are so lovely! Thank you dear! I know! I wish you were coming too! I saw a boy in a shop today who reminded me of you!

    See Hear Say, Yes Megan's book is too lovely! and thank you very much for your comment about my tokyo listing!

    Love Love
    Hello Sando

  12. Oh I need this book! I want to go to Tokyo next year!

  13. I was going to say..."the internet is great but it's definitely something else entirely to see some work of yours in real live print." Then I read your interview and realised that you see your work in print every month...but still! Exciting!