Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Tokyo Connection

I have to thank Make It Easy for telling me about The Tokyo Connection blog which is now my absolute ichi-ban favourite blog at the moment! Don't these beautiful Tokyo snaps make you want to pack your bags immediately!


  1. hey... i was wondering somethin..

    can i put some of these pics in a post on my blog and then write a few words about yur blog...? dont hav THAT many readers but it would be fun:)

    hav a look at it if yu want and u can post a comment and say what u think... if its ok or not...

    love reading yur blog


  2. what a great discovery!! That guy is super talented! wow

  3. ANd thank you for passing in to to us! Wonderful I love it!

  4. yes a great link!
    i am planning a trip to japan in my head :)

  5. thankies!!!
    very lovely blog

  6. yep, i really loved those photos on aron;s blog too and went and had a nice look see! it is so wonderful to see another really great blog coming our way out of that incredible metropolis!

  7. wow.
    those photos are kind of heart breaking!
    i want to go back.

    thanks for all your comments on my blog recently. you made my month. i was in sydney and followed a tip i read, i think on your blog, about the ramen guy in eating world in china town. so good.

    sometimes i just wish i was japanese, you know?
    i think you know.

  8. my bags are packed!!
    haha i wish : )

  9. Hello Uhmanda, Thank you so much for your comment and for your interest in Hello Sandwich. Theses beautiful images were taken by the lovely Mike of The Tokyo Connection blog so it may be best if you contact him for permission to reuse his images. He is very lovely, I am sure he will see no problem. Your blog is cute too!

    Hello At Swim Two Birds - Ow thank you but we really have to thank Make It Easy blog for this special discovery!

    Teddy Bears Wednesday - my absolute pleasure! So happy you like!

    Kay Loves Vintage - it is a wonderful blog isn't it!

    Marie - yes lets go to Japan now please! hehe!

    Designani, You are most welcome!

    Make It easy! You are the best! Thank you for sharing! xxx

    Ii-ne-kore - Hello lovely! how are you?! I know, we are so lucky to be able to have access these gorgeous shots!

    Anna! Hello! Oh I love your blog! Oh I hope I didn't clog up your blog spot! I just couldn't help myself! There was such great stuff and everything you did and saw I was like 'OMG I wish I could do that!'...I know I know! I truly wish I was Japanese! I love how you said 'I think you know'! Are you still living in Tokyo? xxx
    P.S. Sadly I am not sure if it was be about the ramen guy - he sounds great though! xxx

    Handmade Romance - GREAT YIPEE lets go together!

    Love Love
    Hello Sando

  10. Hi everyone! Thank you so much for showing interest in my little blog. Sometimes, I think I don't deserve this much interest and appreciation. I didn't have the slightest hunch that my photos were anything good. So I think it's more acceptable to blame Tokyo, the city herself for giving us these photos. I just happened to be here, with a lens, and she was all pretty, subtle, sublime, delicious, and artsy.

  11. yes this makes me want to run off to japan now! thank you for posting such lovely things :) i like your post on the mori girls too!

  12. I love the vintagey effect to all these photos. It definitely makes me want to visit Japan right now!! I haven't been back there in many many years.

  13. Thanks for all the wonderful Japanese links. Can't wait to meander through them.
    Jealous of you going to Tokyo!