Monday, September 21, 2009


Hello Sandwiches. Don't you just love Denmark based brand Rice?

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I did my first fun run ever (The 9km Bridge Run) and was happy with my results :)

Hello Sandwich and Dear Plastic

Thank you to everyone who bought my Pre-Loved Art Packs at the COFA Spring Fair and from my Online Shop! It was so nice to see them go to such lovely people!

And a little thank you to Gini for drawing this picture of me. So sweet of you.

And also a thank you to Girl With a Satchel for your sweet 'blog obsession' comment! :)

Love Love
Hello Sandwich


  1. The images are simply gorgeous!
    Yes, I've fallen in love with Rice :D

    And yay for the run! :)

  2. Yes i am adoring those from Rice too. Just too pretty and colourful. How could we not love it!

  3. soooo nice and colourful! well done you for the run!

  4. wow these images of "rice" are so cool, they are so hello sandwich too ;)
    and you look really cute in that picture with "odango" hair!!!

  5. I am traffic happily diverted from GWAS and I love love this site! How inspirational. The COLOUR x x x
    PS. Thanks GWAS

  6. Yeah Rice makes some really cool stuff!
    And WOW 9 km the first time run is really good!

    I seriously want that to be my bedroom, please!
    The second photo is especially colourful/beautiful.

  8. I want everything from Rice - their photos are gorgeous!

  9. love the images
    the bright playful colours
    suit me perfectly

  10. thanks for the intro to rice - amazing! i keep looking at those pics and finding new exciting things each time.
    nice one on the fun run too - very impressive : )

  11. Those colours are amazing!
    Congrats on the run! It's one of my goals this year as well (I've yet to do it).

  12. can't stop staring at those photos from rice. wow! why do some wall collections work and others don't?! when I try to put mismatch things together it never looks right but their collection is perfection!

  13. all images are so cute!!!!
    rice has really cute egg cups, too!!

  14. Just found your blog and really enjoyed my stay! The pictures in this post makes me realise how much I love colour and how people just aren't brave with it. I must check out Rice.

  15. the colours are so vibrant and lovely.
    Oh gosh, I am an instant fan of rice.

    thanks for this lovely post! :)

  16. I **LOVE*LOVE** Rice!! I've never heard of them before, so thank you for sharing!!!!!

    You look tooo cute!!!


  17. ohh! hahah for real? what happened in your dream???
    i do feel better now thank you for your lovely words ^_^

    this is a great post by the way, rice looks amazing and so do your pre-loved packs, what a brilliant idea!

  18. So colorful! Beautiful design...!

  19. Oooo I'd love it if my house looked like that. Gives me a sort of Brazilian vibe!

  20. Ooh, that wall color is brilliant!

    I've added you on my blog links list, I hope that is okay!


  21. Is that a Romance Was Born rabbit hoodie your wearing, cos if so you are my idol! I am loving this rice brand, I'm really liking the reindeer...and your blog:)

  22. wow, i LOVE those brightly colored images!
    how fun, a craft show! you 2 are too cute!
    + congrats on your run!

    xo. danni

  23. I love rice!!! look at those brave colours- looks so beautiful- your blog is always full of such pretty!

  24. Hi Lyn! Rice is so delightful isn't it! xxx Yay indeed for the run! I can't wait to get back into running - have been a bit sick lately :(

    Hi Fiona! Thanks for your comment :) We all love rice :)

    Hi Laura! Ha ha thank you! I was so excited! xxx

    Hiki-chan! Ohisashiburi!!! Gomen! I have had a broken computer lately! Was such a disaster! Thank you for telling me about odango! I didn't know thats what its called! haha! so cute! Im now imagining a Japanese red bean paste sweet bun!

    Hi Ains, oh thanks so much! It's lovely to hear you say that! xxx

    Hi Provins - oh thanks so much!!! ha I surprised myself in fact! xxx

    Hi Athena, yes me too! how cute!

    Waxy, I agree completely! So lovely! Thanks for your comment!

    Hello Zoe! Thank you lovely!

    Handmade Romance - hello sweet girl! Sorry it has taken me so long to reply! eek! computer disasters! Thanks so much for commenting!

    Hi Lovely Cookie Cutter! How are you? Oh ganbatte I am sure you can do it! When I started running a year ago I could not even run at 10km per hour for over 1 minute! And now its so easy! Ganbatte ne! xxx

    Hello Orange Sugar Home! how are you? haha I am sure your collections look just gorgeous together! :)

    Hi Riyo! Thank you for your comment! I will check out the egg cups too!

    Hello Ana B! Thank you for your lovely comment. I am so happy you could enjoy Hello Sandwich! Yes do check out Rice if you haven't already! Super cute!

    Hello Farhana Zain! Thanks for your comment. I am so happy you love Rice too!

    Jokemijn, Thank you for your comment! So happy you like!

    Angela sweetheart! Hello! YOU look too cute! xxx :)

    Lightning Heart! Hello again! I left you a msg on y our lovely blog too! haha it is a good way to spring clean and to make sure your treasures go to the right people!

    Hello Brit :) so nice of you to say! xxx

    Hi Sarah! haha yes that's true! All of the colour is just divine isn't it!

    Hi Girlyhandwriting, thank you so much for adding me to your blog too! That is so sweet of you!

    Hi Camille, yes it is indeed a RWB hoodie! Lovely Anna from RWB loaned it to me for the animation I made for my exhibition...have you seen it? here is the link in case you are interested:

    Anyway I am so happy you like Hello Sandwich and I hope you can continue to enjoy it in the future! yay! xxx

    Oh Hello Friend - I LOVE THE NAME OF YOUR BLOG SO MUCH! sooooooooo cute! ha your comment is too sweet! haha we had such a lovely day and yes the run was so much fun too! Its nice to meet you here! I am going over to look at your blog again! it's been a while since I have looked at my favourite blogs!

    Hello Cath! Nawww you are too sweet! thank you! Hope you have a gorgeous LONG weekend! yay!

    Thank you for all of your lovely comments everyone! they are what keep Hello Sandwich going! xxx

  25. What an adorable picture!! Thanks for commenting so i found you. You are on my fave-list now. Have a great day.

  26. Hello Jenny! Oh I am so flattered to hear from you! Thank you so much!!!!!! I love love love your fantastic blog! Thank you for coming over to Hello Sandwich too!
    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich