Monday, June 20, 2011

Workshop Reservations


Don't forget to make a reservation for the Traditional Polish Inspired Tanabata Decoration Workshop this Thursday (23rd June) as we have limited capacity. I'd love to meet you there! Email reservations to

(New Note: Thank you so much everyone who reserved a spot. The workshop is now full but I hope you can come along to the next one in July! )

Love Love
Hello Sandwich


  1. ooh tanabata is my favourite crafting theme :-) can't make the workshop as I'll be working but I'll be indulging in my own little crafty session to make up for it. have fun!

  2. Already made my reservation! See you soon!


  3. Hello Sandwich! Where can I buy one of those confetti makers (for cutting out paper circles), I'd be super grateful if you could give me a hint because I can't find it here in Italy.

  4. You are one of the most creative crafter's I have ever seen. I love your style and artful ideas.
    Ricki Mountain
    founder-Groove Press

  5. こんばんわ。
    It's my very very first comment here, although I often check your blog, Hello Sandwich-san. I want to pop into your next workshop.
    I missed Polish chandelier inspired one (残念!), and it'so sad because my mother is from Poland.

    Stay creative and keep this wonderful blog as lovely as always <3

    Kisses from me and my うさぎ。