Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Daizawa Nature Walk Sakura

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Hello Sandwiches.

I just took a quick walk after work along my local Daizawa nature walk to see the sakura. So so so so incredibly beautiful!!!

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If you're ever in Shimokitazawa, I really recommend walking down to Daizawa nature walk - it's beautiful all year round - but especially gorgeous at this time of year.

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Hello Sandwich


  1. These blossoms are so pretty! I think I love it even more when it tumbles to the floor like confetti :) Magical.

  2. Oh! these pictures are incredible!♥

  3. so beautiful. god i want to visit Tokyo! one day. x

  4. Gorgeous!
    My copy of the Tokyo guide arrived today.. It's wonderful! Thank you :)

  5. Wow!! Those trees are incredible!

  6. So beautiful... The white blossom flowers look so delicate even against the stark white sky.

    Thanks for sharing!!


  7. 美しいです!I really enjoyed all your sakura photos. Are those also うめ blossoms as well?
    Ah, but it is probably too late for うめ blossoms to be blooming.
    Still, I would love to walk under these sakura trees!

  8. absolutely beautiful....and bit of hope as i watch large (muddy) snowbanks melt here....thanks for the wonderful pictures :)

  9. Thanks for sharing, they're just what one needs at this time of the year when we all are ready for spring to arrive :-) today I got your Tokyo Guide in the mail box, which was fantastic too!!!

  10. such beautiful photos ebony-chan! makes me really miss hanami & the sakura season in japan... all fingers crossed that this is the year i get to finally go visit!

  11. So many pretty colours is breathtaking! *O*

  12. there's a feeling of calm over me when I look at these amazing photos, thank you for sharing

  13. Stunning, stunning, stunning :)

  14. Just found your blog and am loving it. Loving your photos of the sakura trees. They are indeed fleetingly beautiful :)

  15. Hello ^.^
    I am travelling to Japan in January & am really keen to get a hold of your Tokyo guide.
    Where can I purchase it from? Very excited.
    Thank you!