Monday, April 1, 2013

March in Tokyo, 2013

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Hello Sandwiches,

How was your weekend?

I can't believe March has come to an end already. So many changes have taken place this month. Shimokitazawa station has gone underground, the Sakura have pretty much come and gone, Gmail has changed, Google Next button will soon be gone...All constant reminders that nothing stays the same forever. I'll miss a lot of things. But we only have the memories to hold on to.

March in Tokyo, 2013 has been incredible as usual. Here are a few memories.

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How awesome is Instagram? One day I am commenting 'Wow! I want a goodie bag!' on one of Minimega's photo's and the next day I open my door to Japan post who is delivering the cutest said goodie bag to my mini me Tokyo apartment! Thank you so much Minimega for sending me such a lovely surprise!

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A sunny afternoon lunch. Miso soup with carrot, kale, leek and enoki. Onigiri with edamame and shiso kombu. Quinoa and kale pattie. Sprouts, carrot, cucumber, coriander, tomato, cheese, avocado and raddish.

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Getting my nails painted with Hiki-chan.
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My new Tokyo Guide Zines arrived and were dispatched on 21st March. If you ordered one please check your mail box and enjoy! There are less than 1/2 of the total zines left so please place your order to receive your copy if you're thinking of visiting Tokyo in the future.

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My deeply loved mamachari on location at Yoyogi koen sakura. I bought this mamachari almost three years ago when I first moved to Tokyo and it's now developing a lovely aged squeak. In a way it makes me happy to have such an authentic sounding mamachari although I should probably pop some kind of grease in it to stop this squeak!

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Visiting an exhibition of my favourite artist ever! I feel so happy to live in Tokyo to be able to have access to amazing shows like this!

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Bike riding sunset.

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Bike riding view.

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Rainy days from inside my apartment. This is a blurry sakura tree in the background.
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A Drawing-A-Day in March. This one is a stack of books.

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Not much room in this teeny Tokyo apartment to display the Drawing-A-Day collection.
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Super cute packages arriving via courier from my new company!

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My scrapbooks for my interview with 101 Woonideeen magazine.
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Wrapping for my friend Mami-chan.

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Along the nature walk in Daizawa.

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Ohanami parties.

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Sakura Sunsets in Inokashira koen.
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Making free booklets for my new company. Come along to the Martha Stewart Crafts Japan booth at the Japan Hobby Show and pick up your copy.
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Well designed girlie alcoholic drinks.

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Pop up accessories shop in Shibuya.

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The sakura for this year is almost gone. It's too fleeting.

We can only hold on to the memories.

Love Love
Hello Sandwich


  1. Such a lovely post! I enjoy reading your blog so much and the way you share your japanese everyday life and all it´s details with us!

  2. I'm flying out from San Francisco tomorrow to meet my parents in Tokyo! I hope I haven't missed all the sakura >_<

    I am going to Yamagata afterwards to see my おばあちゃん, so hopefully there's still lots of sakura there :-D

    Good luck with your new job, looks very exciting!

    1. Hmmm, there aren't much left here in Tokyo. They've all turned to pink and leaves are starting to appear. You might have more luck up North in Yamagata though! :) I hope there is some left for you to enjoy! Love Sandwich xoxo

  3. Looks fantastic! Love your pictures and snapshots~

    How do you keep everything so neat? With all the scrapbooking and crafting it's amazing how clean everything looks @@

    1. ahhhh the power of styling and editing he he. If you could see my room now you'd stop following my blog immediately hehe!

  4. that was absolutely wonderful...
    thank you!

  5. Super adorable !!!!! I love your blog.

  6. Love your street snaps. They make me miss Tokyo so much! Speaking of Google products soon bidding farewell - how about Reader? :( That was my go-to for keeping up with favorite blogs (this one included). Nothing stays the same, indeed.

    1. Hi Yumi, thank you for your message. Yeah Google Next is a special button that allows you to read your Google reader but so that you're actually reading them on the actual blog making it easier to comment etc. I've tried feedly to replace it but it's no where near as good. I'm not sure what to do...

    2. Wow, I've never heard of Google Next! That would have been so helpful since I usually click out the blog from Reader anyways. I'm using Feedly right now as well - it's just not the same. I'll let you know if I find anything good to replace our beloved Reader.

  7. You post the most wonderful things to share. Thank you!

  8. Goodness! Those funny face (brooches?) are super neat! Do you know who makes them? Nice post, made me happy and now I want a mix-match salad plate too!

  9. It's nice to follow you on your everyday life, in that way I'm traveling !

  10. This blog breathes and captures that wonderful Tokyo feeling completely, the freshness and its uniqueness. Just lovely. I am native Dutch so I really liked the 101 woonideeen article, it was really inspirational as I am an art student aswell with same interests, so thank you!

  11. seems like you had a very nice month!
    looking at these photos makes me want to visit japan so much!!!

  12. What a wonderful month you had, always full of beautiful things!!
    I hope you have an incredible month of April!

  13. Wow such a full and delightful post! So much cuteness.

  14. You blog = want to got to Japan soon and do a workshop with you <3

  15. Great pictures - you've definitely captured the feel of Tokyo well and it's fun to see the adventures someone else is having! Thanks for sharing.


  16. beautiful! DA. You have an amazing eye for detail! I LOVE your drawings!

  17. I am off to Tokyo on Friday and hope to see at least a little bit of sakura. Ah! We have the HS Tokyo guide and I think that will keep us very happy. :) We are also going to Takayama/Kanazawa and Kyoto by Nozomi. We're very excited!

  18. Wow amazing - how could you make those little things I send you look so nice! Thank you for your sweet words and inspiration! Your scrapbooks! To die for. So pretty! xoxo

  19. so much awesome in this post were to start?! perhaps i'll keep it simple and say thanks x

  20. Is that a うぐいす on Hiki's nail?
    So cleaver! I'm really jealous you get to see all those wonderful art exhibits in Tokyo.
    Your ママチャリ is so cute! I don't ride my bike often enough for it to have a special squeak. ):
    although maybe I should...

  21. so many beautiful and inspiring photos in this post-- now i so want to see tokyo for myself! but i have to comment on the nail art :D so exquisite and tiny! i can't believe it..

  22. I love everything about your blog especially when you post a picture of cherry blossom, it's really beautiful, one of my dreams if to visit Japan and see this cherry blossom festival.