Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ueno koen Sakura

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I visited a gallery near Akihabara the other day and thought I might pop on over to Ueno koen to see the sakura while I was in the area. Wow, I'm so glad I did. That pink tree was breathtakingly beautiful.

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I walked around for a little while stopping to take photos, and then ate an onigiri and combini sandwich on side path ledge. Sometimes it's nice and relaxing to have a mini picnic by yourself in the park isn't it.

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  1. It is. I think I should do that more often, just wandering of and have a picnic by myself. I almost never do that.

    (And those trees are gorgeous!)

  2. Yes it is, just drank cherry green tea in our garden alone...a little bit chilly, snow still on the ground - a lot. So nothing like this it was..but sun is shining. Love love those pink and white flowers...amazing really. You are lucky. Enjoy.

  3. So, so nice! I hope to have a picnic under the blossom trees in Tokyo :3