Friday, October 22, 2010

東京の秋 (Autumn in Tokyo)


Today was such a lovely day! I went to Studio Ghibli with my friend and met Totoro! Afterwards we drank the cutest coffee ever at Hattifnatt Kichijoji. If you click here, you can watch a 360degrees tour of the cafe. I usually sit upstairs in the loft tree house. It's so pretty looking out beyond the mini Tokyo potted garden in the window. And one of the best things about the loft is you get to order through an intercom system. Needless to say you get pretty good at Japanese pretty fast if you sit upstairs. There is no pointing to the menu up in this little Tokyo tree house!

Lately it's been getting pretty crisp here in Tokyo. My first winter living in Tokyo is just around the corner. I felt the chill in the air today when getting off the Keio Inokashira sen at Kichijoji. Suddenly my cravings for Hiyashi chuka have been replaced with cravings for Ramen and Udon. I wonder how long I can go without turning my air con or heated toto toilet seat on! がんばってエボーちゃん! When I first arrived in Tokyo it was so hot I couldn't bare to stand over the gas stove top, but now I love to simmer things for hours just so I can get warm by the stove. Although I've been holidaying in Tokyo in it's coldest month February almost every year for the last ten years, imagining living here through an entire winter is sending me into a slight panic! Shops are filling up with heated blankets and kotatsu and I feel like I should stock up now while I can still go outside, before it starts snowing like last year and then hibernate in my mini-me Hello Sandwich HQ until March! Secretly though, I am pretty excited!!! I secretly love wearing Hokkairo packs and drinking hot green tea and I am very much looking forward to...

...Buying my very first kotatsu! (more kotatsu pics over at いいね、これ).
...Snuggling under the kotatsu and watching Japanese Drama on MySoju.
...Hosting my first Nabe party under said kotatsu.

And so, while it's still possible to leave the house without a fluffy-lined Muji flammable jacket (or two) this is my suggested things-to-do-in-Tokyo-list for this weekend!

Opening Friday night: Misaki Kawai's exhibition at Tokyo Opera City. (I have had an art crush on her ever since this). Let's just hope I don't get all star struck and speechless like when I met Yoshitomo Nara!




(All images via Misaki Kawai Studio)

Tupera Tupera craft workshop on Sunday at Momiji Ichi Autumn Markets. It's going to be so much fun! Oh yes it is.


(Tupera Tupera Image via Momiji Ichi Markets)

Workshop Information:

15:00~ /パレード!!(もみじ市のラストを飾る大パレードです)

P.S. I was on J-Wave radio here in Tokyo yesterday speaking the teeniest tiniest bit of Japanese. Thank you so much J-Wave and Mariko Mizuami for including me in this special 'foreigner's perspective on Tokyo' feature. You can read about my favourite place in Tokyo on the J-wave blog (also pasted here below):

今週のFIND TOMORROWは4日連続のSpecial Edition。


Ebony Bizys
エボニーさんがエディターのとってもCUTEなWEBマガジン『ハロー サンドイッチ』はこちら

<My inspiration from Tokyo>

<My Favorite Area in Tokyo>

<My Hang out Spot in Tokyo>

Happy Tokyo Autumn Sandwiches!

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  1. tupera tupera are the best. so lucky you can go! The kotatsu last winter with you guys was amazing, even though I kept calling it a kotOtsu...

  2. Oh Ebony I'm so jealous! I'm desperate to get a kotatsu! None in the UK though, so I make do with an air heater under a coffee table!

  3. Oh! The Momiji Ichi markets are absolutely wonderful! I went last year, spent hours by the riverside and I wish they had it every weekend. Please take lots of pictures Ebony!

  4. Oh, you are living in my loved city of Tokyo! Do you love going to Loft as much as I did? It's really hard to get masking tape here in Germany, I can tell you.
    I have lived in Tokyo one year in 2005, and came back for the fourth time this March. (I am studying Japanese Studies and Language, btw)
    Have fun! I will come back every other day.
    Greetings from Germany.

  5. oh my goodness those drinks/food are the cutest ever! I wish I could visit japan to see such adorable things like that. And those little kids with the costumes.....fabulous!

  6. i love your drink. Super Duper CUTE! I show your blog to my friend who live in Tokyo and she fall in love with your blog now :D... she love your Tokyo Guide.

  7. I love the first picture of the coffees, how cute is that?

  8. see! i told you that shimokita is the best! ;) 2 months to go... weeeeeee!!!

  9. Would you say hi for me to Him, pleasee ;-p
    Have you been to Nara cafe yet?
    That costume like festival looks so cute <3 especially that mr. drum with moustache, haha, funny. & Yes! to kotatsu! haha. I always want to see Fall in japan more than any other season, must be pretty :-)

  10. Ah, yes--it's kotatsu time. We love ours!

    Kawaii coffee!

  11. Great photos! I love coffees of streets of Tokyio :D

  12. how can I get one of your Tokyo guides?? I live near Fujisawa. Can you mail it? I'm excited to see it!!

  13. Do take a photo of your kotatsu when you get one!!!

  14. That coffee shop is sooooooooooo cute and you gotta love it because they carry my favorite jealous you met totoro!

  15. KOTATSU WHILE WATCHING DRAMAS?! Ohh.. I envy you. >:3 heeheehee. XD Glad to hear that you visited the ghibli museum... boo hoo. I shall go in the future! btw, It's my first time on this blog and I must say that I shall be following this blog from here on out! :)